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Mark Wooding is a San Francisco native who began his art career before he could walk. He had his first paintings up in the DeYoung museum at age 4. In fact, the name “Kram Gallery” comes from Mark’s signature on his early paintings, when he would write everything backwards. (“Mark” in reverse=“Kram”)


Over the next few decades, Mark combined his love for classic illustration with his fascination for film and editing.  Since 2009, Mark has evolved a unique skill for creating clean colorful animations on a whiteboard. Mark started his career developing educational videos for top teir colleges like Yale, Stanford and the University of California. His whiteboard animations were wildly popular with students and made complex subjects fun and entertaining.


These days, Mark keeps himself busy with customizing shoes, designing logos for musicians and even publishing a children’s book. There’s no telling where art will take him next, so if you have an idea, please, send him your thoughts.

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