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The world is changing more rapidly with each passing day. As our world evolves, so must art. The ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato, attested that art imitates society, but perhaps it’s the other way around. Perhaps art dictates our future and society is mimicking artistic creation.  Art has a way of defining and encapsulating a moment in time. The images and music produced today inspire our view of the world and our perception of who we are.

Art is so deeply ingrained in our world, that we have become desensitized to it.  Imagine, if you will, a world without art? There would be no museums, no architecture, no color, no design and no technology. The very device that you read this on is a work of art. There is no precise definition of art because art is ever shifting and ever adapting.  Artists are continuously pushing the limits of what is so called “accepted art”. In fact, it is an artist’s duty or obligation to stretch the boundaries of human imagination and show the masses where humanity will go next.

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